GGE staff and youth organizers facilitate fee for service trainings for schools, community based organizations, educators, parents and the general public. If you’re interested in learning more, please complete this form and contact Nefertiti Martin at 728-857-1393 ext. 102 or

Gender Boxes: An Introduction to Gender Stereotypes

Length: 1 hour
This workshop provides a safe space for students of all genders to identify the socially constructed concepts of what it means to “Be a Man” and “Act like a Lady”. Root causes of sexism, heterosexism and gender-based violence are explored.

Hey, Shorty! Film Screening & Discussion

Length: 1 hour
Required Materials: TV/projector/speakers to play DVD
Students watch Hey, Shorty!, a 19 minute youth-produced documentary about street harassment. The film depicts the experiences of young men and women in public, exploring the ideas and intentions behind how they interact. The screening is followed by a discussion incorporating themes of gender stereotypes, safety in public spaces, sexual harassment in school, and taking action about issues that affect our communities.

Title IX: Students’ Rights in School

Length: 1 hour
This session engages students in defining sexual harassment and the different ways it can happen in school. Information is provided about legal protections against sexual harassment in school, as well as how to report an incident, who to report it to, and community resources for support.

Know Your Rights: Breaking Down Sexual Harassment in Schools (for parents)

Length: 2 hours
This workshop is an opportunity for parents to understand sexual harassment in school communities. By the end of this workshop, parents will be able to identify sexual harassment in school communities, gain knowledge about students’ rights in regards to Title IX and sexual harassment in NYC public school communities and will feel inspired to advocate stopping sexual harassment in school communities.