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Photos from Opening Weekend of ANITA: Speaking Truth To Power

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Anita Hill telling her own story, on her terms, is how it should be. So many times our story as girls and women of color are appropriated, interpreted, bedazzled and redefined by others to fit neatly into this capitalistic, patriarchal and poli-tricks driven nation. Even within this nonprofit industrial complex, the deep roots of sexism, racism and classism are always at play. We worked so hard to promote this film because it tells young people and survivors that their experiences and voices matter. That this woman of color who looks like them matters and even 22 years later she will continue speaking and living truth to power - even though it's ...

Anita Hill on CBS This Morning About New Documentary & Historic Hearing

Anita Hill was on CBS This Morning where she talks about her new documentary, ANITA: SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER. See the video below. Anita discusses the unfairness of the Clarence Thomas hearings as well as her life as a professor and the state of sexual violence in the U.S. Anita will be on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show tonight. And you can see her after the opening screenings on March 21st at Lincoln Center. Buy your tickets here.