Sisters in Strength

“Young women have a lot of power to affect their neighborhoods for the better.”

Nathania, 16, Sisters in Strength Participant

Sisters in Strength (SIS) is a 2-year youth organizing program for 15 young women of color, entering 10th or 11th grade. Programming is shaped both by the unique needs and interests of the SIS youth organizers, and by Girls for Gender Equity’s (GGE) vision, mission, and goals. SIS does community organizing around gender-based violence and confronts the multiple layers of individual and institutional discrimination that threaten the safety of girls and women.

Applications for the 2018-2020 cohort coming soon! 


Sisters in Strength appearance in Anita Hill Documentary

In 2014, Sisters in Strength appeared in a powerful segment of ANITA, Oscar winning director Freida Mock’s stirring documentary about Anita Hill’s brave testimony against U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Clarence Thomas and sexual harassment in the workplace. Feminist icon Anita Hill praised GGE’s youth leaders, saying: “It [GGE’s young people] has given me hope that I can retire now and the next generation is in good hands.”

Taping for Anita  anita_horizontal