The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Women’s Vote
Since politicians who ignore women do so at their own political peril, Jason Jones gets inside the mind of today’s female voter. Executive Director, Joanne Smith, made her Comedy Central debut on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Watch the 5-minute clip. It’s certifiably hilarious and Joanne fights back against the war on women!

Title IX Turns 40, Flaws and All

The Root: As The Root celebrates the law that changed girls’ sports forever, we also examine its shortcomings. By: Zerlina Maxwell Read more here.

Colorlines: How Can We Help Kids Define What Is and Isn’t Healthy Sexuality?

Colorlines’ Akiba Solomon interviewed Hey, Shorty! co-author Joanne Smith and Girls for Gender Equity community organizer Nefertiti Martin on how to define positive sexuality for today’s youth. You can read the article here.

Jezebel: How to Be a Good Guy on the Sidewalk

A new Jezebel article on street harassment features Hey, Shorty! co-author Joanne Smith breaking down ways men can interact with women on the street without being a threat. Check it out here.

Two Reviews: The F-Word & Shameless Magazine

Click here to read the reviews.

Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School

Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School is a newly released report from the American Association of University Women that presents the most comprehensive, nationwide research to date on sexual harassment in grades 7-12. It reveals sobering statistics about the prevalence of sexual harassment and the negative impact it has on students’ education and concludes with concrete recommendations and promising practices for preventing sexual harassment directed at school administrators, educators, parents, students and community members. Girls for Gender Equity is recognized as one of the promising practices in Crossing the Line, and Hey, Shorty! is lauded as a resource. Click here to download Crossing the Line.

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