Joanne N. Smith, MSW
Founder & Executive Director
718-857-1393 ext.106

Peggy Hupcey
Director of Institutional Giving
718-857-1393 ext. 103

Sasha Neha Ahuja
Chief of Staff
718-857-1393 ext.105

Kristina Torres
Office Manager
718-857-1393 ext.109

Ashley C. Sawyer, Esq.
Director of Policy and Government Relations
718-857-1393 ext.124

Nicole Hamilton
Director of Urban Leaders Academy
718-857-1393 ext. 120

Brittany Brathwaite
Organizing and Innovation Manager
718-857-1393 ext. 116

Michelle Grier, LMSW
Director of Social Work
718-857-1393 ext.115

Toni Wilson
Young Women’s Advisory Council Coordinator

Charlie Trotman
Community Engagement Coordinator
718-857-1393 ext.119

Morgan Fletcher
Media Relations & Digital Communications Manager