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Thank You For Supporting Girls for Gender Equity

Anita Hill telling her own story, on her terms, is how it should be. So many times our story as girls and women of color are appropriated, interpreted, bedazzled and redefined by others to fit neatly into this capitalistic, patriarchal and poli-tricks driven nation. Even within this nonprofit industrial complex, the deep roots of sexism, racism and classism are always at play. We worked so hard to promote this film because it tells young people and survivors that their experiences and voices matter. That this woman of color who looks like them matters and even 22 years later she will continue speaking and living truth to power - even though it's ...

Showtimes for ANITA: Opening Weekend in New York City with Q&As

Join us on 3/21 at 4:30p for the National Theatrical Release in NYC and 3/23 for GGE’s 1p Q &A at Film Society Lincoln Center:  Film Society of Lincoln Center  Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center at 144 W. 65th St. NYC Buy tickets at Angelika for Saturday 5:30 and 7:45 pm showings.  Buy tickets at Lincoln Center on Sunday at 1p  For a Full Schedule and Tickets for Los Angeles, San Francisco,  Atlanta, Boston, Washington, D.C., and  Seattle, go here: Anita: Speak Truth to Power Documentary in Theaters.  Sunday, March 23 after the 1pm showing of ANITA, join Girls for Gender Equity's Nefertiti Martin and Joanne N. Smith, Author ...

Anita Hill on CBS This Morning About New Documentary & Historic Hearing

Anita Hill was on CBS This Morning where she talks about her new documentary, ANITA: SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER. See the video below. Anita discusses the unfairness of the Clarence Thomas hearings as well as her life as a professor and the state of sexual violence in the U.S. Anita will be on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show tonight. And you can see her after the opening screenings on March 21st at Lincoln Center. Buy your tickets here. 

Group Rates for ANITA: Speaking Truth To Power Are Available

On March 21, 2014, Freida Mock's powerful documentary, Anita: Speaking Truth to Power will be opening in theaters. At Lincoln Center on the film's opening day, Anita Hill will be participating in the 4:30 PM and 6:45 PM showings. If you are a group or organization that would like discounted tickets they are available a the Angelika - $7.50 for groups of 25 or more. And at Lincoln Center Film Society for $10 for groups of ten or more.   If your group is interested in attending, please contact sean@idpfilm.com.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart — The Women’s Vote

Since politicians who ignore women do so at their own political peril, Jason Jones gets inside the mind of today’s female voter. GGE’s Founder & Executive Director, Joanne Smith, made her Comedy Central debut on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on April 17, 2012. Watch the 5-minute clip. It’s certifiably hilarious and Joanne fights back against the war on women!

Movement Leaders Call for Shared Vision and Collective Action to End Violence

We write today with broken hearts and tenacious resolve in the wake of the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager gunned down on his way home from the store. We first want to reach out to Trayvon’s family and loved ones and offer our deepest condolences. No one should ever have to go through what you have endured. We hope that in the midst of your incalculable grief that you might find a measure of comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your horror, heartbreak or relentless pursuit of justice. This tragedy is a clarion call for a reinvigorated movement to end violence in our homes and ...

Recap of Sold-out Screening of ANITA!

On Friday, June 14, over 200 people crowded into the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center for the NYC premiere of Anita!, Frieda Mock’s articulate and moving documentary of Anita Hill’s brave testimony against Clarence Thomas around sexual harassment in the workplace. Anita! was a showcase film in the 2013 Human Rights Watch Film Festival; as The New York Times said, “Unflappably poised and dignified, Ms. Hill, whose testimony helped change the perception of sexual harassment in the workplace, stood her ground…Some of the most moving scenes show her surrounded by her strong, supportive family at the time of her testimony.” Indeed, ...

GGE’s Executive Director, Joanne Smith Named one of NY’s New Abolitionists!

When people think of abolitionist leaders in New York State, names of 19th century icons like Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and Elizabeth Cady Stanton come to mind. But New York state has a new generation of 21st century abolitionists- women and men committed to ending human trafficking- here in New York and everywhere. Sanctuary for Families has led the charge in celebrating New York's leadership in the fight to end human trafficking. On May 23rd, Joanne Smith, Founder & Executive Director of GGE, joined Gloria Steinem, Dorchen Leidholdt, Jimmie Briggs, Ted Bunch and many more as NY's new abolitionists.

Anti-Street Harassment Rally and Chalk Walk

The month of April has been designated Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the United States in an effort to “raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence,” according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. As a part of April awareness events, International Anti-Street Harassment Week (April 7 – April 13) in New York City was developed by Stop Street Harassment, an organization seeking to end gender-based street harassment. On Saturday, April 13th, GGE joined Manhattan Borough’s President, Scott Stringer at the Anti- Street Harassment Rally and Chalk ...

CGES Street Harassment Youth Summit was a Success!

The Coalition for Gender Equity in Schools (CGES) held a Youth Summit on Street Harassment on March 25, 2013 at the Urban Assembly Institute that exceeded our highest expectations! We planned for 50 middle and high school students to attend this youth led event, but to our surprise 100 students showed up and convened in downtown Brooklyn for the CGES summit. These remarkable students and youth leaders chose to spend the first day of their spring break with us in a variety of workshops that examined street harassment. In spite of the rain, students began arriving in droves at 10:00 am to register, eat breakfast and mingle. By the ...